Monday, July 25, 2011

Aviation Security and Safety

Security and safety of civil aviation in a highly depends on the security of the airport that aircraft dispatcher.Remind that many threats of legal action both disorders when the aircraft in the land or in the air.Also the installation of other supporting installations on an airport.
By considering a variety of reasons,the aviation organitation in the world including the United Nations which called ICAO issued several rules to safeguard the security and safety of a flight of civil airport is also unlawfull interferance.On the establishment of the ICAO in 1944 in Chicago was born a few attachments / Annex of Annex 1 to Annex 18. Where is the security itself stipulated in Annex 17 & Annex 18.

Annex 17 sets out of Safeguarding International civil aviation againts acts of unlawfull interferance. Then Annex 18 set The safe transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.
In our own contry ( indonesia ) as well rever to those rules that are set well in a variety of laws ranging from UU No 2 year 1976,UU No 1 year 2009 wich is a revision of the law No 15 year 1992 wich regulates the flight.Within wich regulates civil aviation in the country, ranging from safety standards an security of an aircraft ,security standards and safety of a civilian airport, and about the security inspection procedures in a civilian airport.
Implementation of these laws make it clear also with various other rules such as the Presidential Regulation ( PP No.3 year 2001 ),the Minister of Civil Aviation ( KM.09 year 2010 ),also with the some of the Decree of The Director General among others such as SKEP/2765/VIII/2003 regarding the procedure of security checks , SKEP/100/VII/2003 , and SKEP/43/III/2007 governing Liquid Aerosol Gel.

With the support by some rule ,considering how important a security and safety of a particular flight and an airport in general , it is very important also from the consciousness of the community itself to support and and abide by the rules.

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