Monday, July 25, 2011

About an Airports

The existence of airports in because as supporting air transport is a very important role to accelerate the distribution as well as driving, driving and supporting national development.Airport itself in indonesia are set out in Government Regulation Number 70 of 2001, the discerning as the airfield is in use for landing and takeoff of aircraft, up and down passengers, and loading or unloading of cargo / mail, and equipped with facilities and flight safety as a place of transfer between transportation modes.Status The airport itself is divided into two namely:Public airport is the airport that is in use for public purposes and held by government or business entities airports.Special Airport is the airport that used to serve its own interests to support the activities of government or legal entity in indonesia.

Support facilities within the airport itself in the formLanding services, placement, and storage of aircraftPassenger service aircraft at airportsCounter, garbarata, lodging facility / hotel, provision shops / restaurantsParking facilities, etc.
Basic facilities such asAir side facilities (runways, taxiways, apron)Land side facilities (electricity, water, sewage plant effluent)Air navigation facilities (tower, radar)Facilities visual landing aids (lighting, marking)Communication Facilities

  • RunWay TORA = Length of RunwayTake Off Run Available (runway length for take-off aircraft) 
  • TodaTake Off Distance Available (available runway length takeoff tuk + clear way)
  • ASDA Accelerate Stop Distance Available (runway length available + stop way) 
  • LDA Landing Distance Available (runway length available for landing) 
For landing and take off the plane in aid of assistive devices which must be in an airport that is:
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Localizer and glideslope is a guiding tool in the implementation of aircraft landing and flight in order to find out the speed in landing both in height and persistence at the line. 
  • Marker BeaconTreashold Light Papi (Precision Approach Path Indicator)
  • Configuration Approach Lighting 
  • Runway Light 
  • Runway End Light 
  • Taxiway Light
  • Light Apron
And there are many other means of support tools that support operations in an airport all of which were arranged in a rule. That make activities inside the airport can be in balance and contrast, and can support its function well and also as a gateway state.So this is a little knowledge of an airport.

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