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Magelang , Sojourn City

Magelang is one of the largest cities of the 1,130 km² Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia. It is also the largest town in the Kedu Plain between Mount Merbabu and Mount Sumbing in Central Java, Indonesia. Magelang is located 43 km north from Yogyakarta, and 75 km south of Semarang, the capital of Central Java.Magelang has two official residency government, Magelang Resident and Magelang City.

Magelang City is a small city which is located in a fertile agricultural area and one of the most densely populated regions on Central Java. Magelang City has two borders. Its western border is Progo River; its eastern border is Elo river. The city is divided into three districts and several subdistricts.
Magelang was established on 11 April 907. Magelang was then known as a village called Mantyasih, which is now known as Meteseh. There are three stele of historical importance in Magelang, namely Poh, Gilikan and Mantyasih, all of which are written on a plate of copper. Poh and Mantyasih were written under the rule of King Balitung of Mataram Kingdom. In those stele, the villages of Mantyasih and Glanggang were mentioned. They became Meteseh and Magelang respectively.
In Mantyasih stele, it mentioned the name of King Watukura Dyah Balitung, as well as 829 Çaka bulan Çaitra tanggal 11 Paro-Gelap Paringkelan Tungle, Pasaran Umanis hari Senais Sçara atau Sabtu, which means Saturday Legi, 11 April 907. The village Mantyasih was made by the king as tax-free village which was led by a patih (similar to Prime Minister nowadays). Also mentioned are Mount Susundara and Mount Wukir Sumbing which is now known as Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing.

Magelang is the closest major town to Borobudur, a ninth-century Buddhist monument located about 40 km (25 miles) north west of Yogyakarta. The Canggal Temple, also located in the Magelang regency, has a Sanskrit transcription bearing the name of the first Mataram Kingdom ruler, Sanjaya.

A number of the town's buildings from the Dutch East Indies era have become heritage landmarks. The Karesidenan Kedu building, now known as Museum Pangeran Diponegoro, was where Prince Diponegoro was arrested by the Dutch colonial government during the Java War (1825–1830).The chair on which the Prince sat remains in the museum. A fingernail, believed to be Diponegoro’s, remains on the arm of the chair. A statue in his honour stands in Magelang’s town square
Jalan Pemuda (“Youth Street”) is Magelang's Pecinan (Chinatown). The one-way 1.5 km long road is the centre of business and includes shops, a minimarket, and restaurants. The road, running along a former railroad, is divided with a narrow section reserved for rickshawss.
The Alun-alun or town square is located in the city centre. The area has the Matahari and Gardena department stores, Magelang’s only cinema, to the north the Trio Plaza and the BCA tower; in the south a police station, the BPD Bank building, and a Confucian temple along Jalan Pemuda. In the west, is city’s largest mosque, locally known as Kauman. Within the vicinity of the town square is a 15-metre high watertower, and also a statue of Diponegoro riding a horse.
Taman Kyai Langgeng
Kyai Langgeng Park is located in Magelang, Central Java, precisely on Jalan Cempaka. It is the only park in the town of Magelang to the total area covering 28 hectares, is located about 1 kilometer from downtown to the south. Garden tour has a collection of hundreds of rare plants that can be utilized as research objects, statues of dinosaurs in the original size, various games facilities, as well as the latest is a prototype aircraft. This tourist attraction is located about 19 Kilometers of Borobudur Temple, 35 kilometers from Kopeng or 50 Kilometers from Pramabanan Temple and 42 kilometers from Jogja Kembali Monument. In the Garden Kyai Langgeng, especially on holidays you will be treated to a variety of local arts and music attractions, in addition to the playing area for children and families. Furthermore, visit next to this park there are facilities Rafting Progo Asri, reserved for those who like adventure with a browse Progo. Throughout the 9 kilometers we will enjoy the rural atmosphere on the banks of the River-rafting while enjoying Progo jeramnya. This adventure can be enjoyed every day from 08:00 until 14:00 of course by looking at the condition of waters in the Progo. You will be accompanied by guides who are experienced and have other facilities like food, insurance and transportation back to the post of departure.

Bukit Tidar
Hill is located in Magelang The South and the complex is located in the Military Academy, and is renowned as the island of Java Paku, here too there are several tombs and ancestral community petilasan Magelang; one of which is petilasan propagator of Islam in Central Java, namely Sheikh petilasan Subakir of Persian. Tidar hill is not too high, but the trees here serves as the lungs of the city so that air is always fresh Magelang, from here also you can enjoy the view from the top of Monument Magelang Military Academy. Location of Mount Tidar precisely in the Village fringe area, South of Magelang district. To visit it you get past the two roads, namely through the Bird Market and through the side of the Military Academy to ride public transportation lane 6, 8, 10, from Soekarno-Hatta's Terminal down at the Bird Market Quarter, to the Military Academy through the side streets you can continue the journey by public transport lane 2 after dropping in the Shopping Centre. Now it has built a shortcut to the hill Tidar place behind the old terminal.

Main transportation which is operating in Magelang are cars, motorcycles, buses, paddy cabs, becak, and bicycles. Today, most popular of them are cars and motorcycles. Even almost household has a motorcycle as mean of mobility in daily activity. Then, for public transportation is mainly using buses and cars.
Magelang used to have a railway track from Semarang to Yogyakarta passing at its centre (along Jalan Pemuda), but have since been redirected outside the city.Unfortunately, today the railway track does not function again. It was closed by the government due to the operational cost in that time.

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